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2012-2013 Beautician and Hair Stylist Job Outlook

Should you consider a career as a beauticians or hair stylist? The beautician job outlook and hair stylist job outlook forecast looks very strong for 2012 and 2013.

 Should I consider a career as a hair stylist and beautician? This job outlook will help.

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Hair Stylist and Beautician Job Outlook 2012-2013

Because competition for jobs has become so strong in the present economy, many people have begun looking for new career paths or untapped opportunities. One growing option that many people have missed is the beauty and cosmetology industry. Given even the ongoing challenges in the greater job market, the outlook for beauticians and hair stylists appears very strong for 2012.

US Department of Labor Statistics

The US Department of Labor says that 44 percent of beauticians and hair stylists are self-employed. Many beauticians own their own salon, but some rent a chair or booth space from another salon owner. Working on this basis allows someone to enter the field with minimal risk, while still forming a clientele of loyal customers. About 29 percent of beauticians and hair stylists work part time. For those who are full-time, it is common to work more than 40 hours, including evenings and weekends. (These are the times when many salons are the most busy). The Department of Labor designates about 700,000 jobs as barbers, beauticians or hair stylists.

5 Year Outlook: Significant Growth

Even better, the field is expected to grow significantly over the next few years. Positions for beauticians and hair stylists will probably increase by 15 percent over the next 6 years. This is partially due to population growth, but more significantly because of the increasing popularity of specialty hair treatments and coloring. Naturally, the best jobs will go to beauticians who are licensed and have worked in the field already. Because most states clearly require licensure for hair stylists and beauticians, the proper training and paperwork is critical.
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Expected Income for Beauticians and Hair Stylists

The average income for hair stylists is around $11.15 per hour. Most beauticians received from $8.50 to $15, but the bottom 10 percent earned $7.50 or less and the highest 10 percent earned more than $20.50 including tips. Naturally, self-employed beauticians cannot expect vacation pay or health coverage, but some full-time salons do make these benefits available. One other side-benefit is that beauty companies often supply free products to cosmetologists in the hope that they will recommend the products to their customers.

Excellent Career Choice

As more people continue to look for qualified cosmetologists and hair stylists, this field is clearly an excellent one to enter over the next few years. With the proper preparation and by building a base of loyal customers, beauticians can expect to launch a stable and profitable career.

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