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Beautician Definition and Job Description

A beautician is a professional that provides the following services:
  • hair care, hair design and hair styling
  • skin-care services such as facials and waxing

What is the difference between a beauticians and a cosmetologists?

Most beauticians are also considered cosmetologists, the difference between the two is that cosmetologists engage in further studies and provide services for nail care, such as manicures and pedicures. Most beauticians receive training and cosmetologist licensing, and limit what services they offer to their clients.

How Do I Become a Beautician?

Beauticians can receive their training and education in the field from a variety of available schools:
  • State and private colleges: some schools offer tracks in beauty and cosmetology training.
  • Vocational colleges and community colleges: many offer programs from basic cosmetology licensing to specialized focus in certain services.
  • Privately owned beauty schools: most offer several tracks of study which can be combined into a program to achieve specific licensing.
  • Apprenticeships: these were typically an option for beauticians of the past, and are only very rarely available to students in today’s market.
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What are the licensing requirement to becoming a beautician?

Some beautician/cosmetology students can pursue studies at their own pace. Full-time students can complete coursework and test for licensing after approximately 9 months of study. Part-time students can take night or weekend classes, depending on the programs available at their school. It is usually recommended that students planning to run their own salon also pursue business classes or a business degree to enhance their preparation. To receive licensing, beauticians are usually required to have obtained:
  • a high-school diploma or GED
  • In some states, an associate’s degree from a licensed vocational school or college
  • In some states, a certificate of completed coursework from a beauty school
State licensing exam: In most states, beauticians are required to pass a state licensing exam before offering their services to the public.

How Do I Find a Beautician Job?

Beauticians can work in many different types of settings, and the variety of available opportunities is one of the most attractive aspects of this career choice. Beauticians can work flexible schedules, from full to part-time. They can pursue a career in a famous salon, or part-time at a local commercial styling chain. Some beauticians own their own business or salon, and others rent a chair or booth from an existing spa or salon. Most full-time beauticians earn between $29,000 and $35,000 per year, depending on their location, clientele, and level of training.
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