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6 Steps to Becoming a Freelance Makeup Artist

Follow these six simple steps from one of the nation's top makeup artists and become a successful freelance artist makeup artist today!

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Becoming a freelance artist doesn’t come easy, but if your passionate, dedicated, hardworking, and follow these six steps to success, your dreams will come true in no time! Below I've outlined six steps to help you become a freelance makeup artist.
  1. Education – Continuing your education is the number one thing every artist should be doing. Whether you’re self-taught or a graduate from cosmetology school, it is important to keep your clients up to date with the newest styles and trends. There are hundreds of workshops being held in every city, for any budget. Even if you’re just starting out, you can find “how-to” videos, and just about everything online.
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  2. Promoting yourself – The key to success in this business is promoting yourself. How can I do that you ask? Here are a few ideas: 1: Order business cards and hand them out wherever you go. Even hand them out to existing clients to pass along to friends. 2: Advertise on your vehicle with a car magnet! What better way to get your name out there than to have people see your name and business every time you drive somewhere. 3: Social networking is a great way to share your business and online portfolio. It will allow you to meet potential clients from all over and will give them the opportunity to actually see your work.
  3. Have an eye for detail – What will make you stand out from all of the other artists out there? This is a highly competitive industry so take pride in your work, it needs to be more than just a “job”. Make sure you take the proper steps in prepping and setting the face for a long lasting result, if a hair is out of place – take care of it, and make sure all of your up-styles are secure! The most common thing I see is curls falling and styles drooping. Remember, the look you create will be in pictures for a lifetime.
  4. Looking the part – You’re a representation of your business. If your promoting yourself wherever you go and the public knows your name, you have to look professional and put together at all times. Present yourself with confidence and your clients will gain confidence in you!
  5. Be Creative – Having education is a must, having natural talent is a plus, but you also need to be creative. Think outside of the box in regards to how you market yourself and try to come up with new trends that no one has done. Take a look outside in nature, at your surroundings, or even at current styles, and think about how those things can inspire you to come up with something new!
  6. Every artist should have professional styling tools and makeup kits. This doesn’t always mean having the best most expensive equipment, but choose products that you yourself believe in!

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Article written by:


Krystyn Courtney

Freelance Makeup Artist
Cynthia Roberts Salon and Spa
Serving the Tri-State Area: NJ, NY and PA
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