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How to Pick the Right Cosmetology School or Makeup Artist School

When youíre considering starting a career in Makeup or in Cosmetology industry itís important to consider all of your options. Where you want to go in the beauty industry will be the biggest determinant in the decision of where to get your education. You can get cosmetology license or esthetics license which means you can work legally in the state you went to school in (schools listed in California) at any salon or barber shop that might hire you once youíve graduated and/or go to get your Master Makeup Credentials at a Beauty/Makeup Academy.

CA Beauty Schools

Some great cosmetology schools in California are The Academy LA, Marinello School of Beauty and Bellus Beauty Academy.

Some beauty schools also offer accredited makeup classes so if you wanted to do both at one once thatís always a smart option. The more you know about the field you plan on entering the more of an asset you will be to future employers.
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Entertainmnet Industudstry versus Salon

I personally got my license in another state and when I arrived in Los Angeles I had already made a decision to stay exclusively in the entertainment industry where itís beneficial to your pay scale and resume if you are already licensed in cosmetology or esthetics but not a job requirement like it is in the salon environment.

Benefits of Makeup Academies

If youíre interested in a career in the entertainment industry as a professional makeup artist your continued education is very important. If you are already licensed in cosmetology or esthetics you know that you get a limited amount of time with the makeup application portion of your education. Professional Makeup Academyís offer extended programs in makeup application, knowledge of period makeup (20ís, 30ís, 40ís, 50ís, 60ís, 70ís & 80ís), lighting and camera techniques as well as prosthetics and special effects makeup. Knowledge in these areas will open the door to many different types of work in the fashion and entertainment industries such as Editorial, Print, Television, Film, Commercials and Runway.

Makeup Artist Guilds and Unions

You could strive to make it into the local makeup artist union in your area, California Local 706 and New York Local 798. Just visit their sites for more information on how to go about obtaining your days towards your particular field of work as Makeup and Hair are sometimes separate unions and the rules for entry are very strict.

My Makeup Artist Story

I spent many hours looking for a great makeup school here in Los Angeles and trust me there are many to choose from. Depending on how much education you already have many of the schools offer different levels of courses to fit any budget and scheduling needs. I graduated from Studio Makeup Academy, Jim Hedge and his wife Doreen are an amazing team they spend time with you one on one discussing your career goals and my education was top notch Doreen is one of the best instructors in the business, they really prepare you for the real world of Hollywood.

Picking the Right Makeup School: Research & Get More Info

Other Makeup Academyís to choose from in the Los Angeles area that are also worth checking out are, EI Institute, Cinema Makeup School and the The Makeup Designory. Find a makeup artist school in your area. Good luck to you in your search and remember when you truly love your job every day is a wonderful day!!

Article written by:


Arianne Meade

Master Makeup and SFX Artist
Serving Northern California
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